Thursday, November 19, 2009

Acts of Kindness

Today was another wonderful day even though it didn't start out too great. I was supposed to have a doctor's appointment this morning but I was so exhausted and weak that I just couldn't get out of bed and get dressed and drive myself to the doctor. I called and cancelled and took it easy this morning.

Early this afternoon the day began to change. I received a phone call from the volunteer office at the hospital where I volunteer. I thought they were probably calling to see if I could fill in for someone. But boy was I surprised. You see, the volunteer group is going to see the NYC Rockette's Christmas program in Pittsburgh next month and, oh, how I wanted to go. But it was not in the budget so even though I was disappointed, I knew that I just couldn't do it. Well, the call today was an offer of a free ticket to go! Someone who had bought a ticket cannot go and they wanted to give the ticket away. My wonderful friends in the volunteer office thought of me and called to see if I wanted the ticket. I was blessed by an act of kindness by a stranger and by friends! What a huge blessing! I am so excited and grateful!

Then this afternoon I was supposed to volunteer at the hospital for a few hours. Well, this brain of mine had the time wrong - I thought I should leave the house at 3:00 and be there by 3:30. Well, at about 2:45, when I was only about half dressed, I realized that I was supposed to be there by 3:00. I knew I was going to probably be late and I felt so bad. I finished getting dressed as best I could - no jewelry, not sure I even looked in the mirror to make sure I was decent! - and ran out the door. I got to the car and realized I had forgotten my volunteer jacket so I had to run back in the house and get it. Needless to say, I was a little stressed! On the way to the hospital, I called to tell them I was on my way and would be there as soon as possible. Well, the traffic did not want to cooperate today. Normally I do not have any traffic on the way to the hospital but today was a different story. I was trying to make a left turn but cars were coming in both directions! Finally someone stopped and let me turn and I was on my way! I was only about 5 minutes late so things were fine. Even though it was a small act of kindness to let me turn, it was a blessing to me! I felt less stressed and got there pretty much on time!

There are so many acts of kindnesses we can perform to show God's love to others - a simple smile to someone, a hug, a listening ear, a ride to the store, reading stories to a shut-in, bringing meals to someone who is ill, a phone call just to say hello and that you were thinking of them, holding a door open for someone - anything you can do to help someone and make their day a little better! It doesn't have to be anything major - just something to show you care can mean all the difference in someones life.

Lord, help us to show others your love by the acts we perform. Let others see You in our actions and in our words.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said "Here I am. Send me!" Isaiah 6:8

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